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A Greener Solution

Champion Maintenance and Construction recognizes that maintaining the integrity of the indoor environment at our client's facility is a responsibility we all share. In this area, Champion Maintenance and Construction has taken positive actions to ensure that our operations provide clean, safe, and healthy environments for building inhabitants, visitors, and employees. After an extensive research and development effort, Champion Maintenance and Construction has produced it's Green List Program of cleaning products. These products meet the highest standards for efficiency, reliability, and safety, and also exceed all current environmental regulatory requirements. The Green List Program, however, goes farther. It encompasses:
  • Standardized packaging and dilution ratios
  • Correct choice of product for each cleaning situation
  • Uniform training on product use
  • Specialized Hazcom program
  • Quality control
  • Technical support
Champion uses only green list products - these are products that currently exceed federal and state environmental regulations. Additionally, all appropriate products are EPA registered. Only the finest quality cleaning products have been included in the Green List Program. This ensures the safest possible working environment for building inhabitants, visitors, and employees. Champion Maintenance and Construction adheres to the Green List Program of environmentally safe cleaning products. Our clients can be assured of efficient and effective care throughout all Champion Maintenance and Construction operations. Our objective in using the Green List products is to provide clients with buildings that don't just look clean - they are clean. Champion Maintenance and Construction has maximized every effort in developing its Green List Program, providing clients peace of mind and the knowledge that together we are doing our part to keep their facilities environmentally clean and safe.

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